Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There were 3,127 motorcycle accidents in Arizona and Texas in 2014 (earliest data available). A motorcycle accident can occur in just a few seconds. They can be very complicated to deal with without the proper legal expertise.Motorcycle accidents involving hit-and-run drivers may require a lengthy investigation due to the lack of witnesses. Even motorcycle accidents that involve witnesses may be difficult due to the witnesses only seeing the end result. Our motorcycle accident attorneys at Witson Law are here to help.

An important aspect in any personal injury lawsuit is being able to hold the responsible party liable for the injuries caused. This may be difficult for someone to do on their own. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Witson Law will assist in determining who will be held responsible for your injuries. This can be challenging especially when the responsible party may not be clear if, for instance, the motorcycle rider was unconscious at the time of the accident. The victim of a motorcycle accident may believe it was a single vehicle accident when it may have actually been caused by a hit-and-run.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney will fight to get you full compensation.

Both single vehicle accident and hit-and-run victims may assume they are not eligible to receive compensation for the injuries suffered. This is not entirely true. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation in order to identify and locate the individuals who caused your injuries. These same investigations may also show the accident was caused by a defect in the roadway or a defective in the motorcycle, which may lead to additional compensation for the injured individual. You may also be able to collect compensation from your own insurance policy.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney will fight to get you full compensation. If you, a family member or a friend have been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, or have questions and want legal counsel, please contact an motorcycle accident attorney immediately. Contact us for your free consultation at (602) 358-8686 or you may also submit the online questionnaire.


We pride ourselves in our ability to fight for the legal rights of personal injury victims throughout Arizona and Texas. At Witson Law, we understand that a personal injury accident can have devastating consequences in the life of any person. Personal injury cases are often complex and difficult to defend. Therefore, choosing a competent personal injury lawyer after you have been injured is the best decision you can make.





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